Industry Day Sessions

Monday 1 October | Sessions beginning at 9:00 AM

The IEEE Photonics Society continues to strive to better serve our industry constituents with a portfolio of content, connections and experts in tune with the global optics and photonics marketplace.

Please join us for one or all of our Industry Day sessions, featuring stellar speakers from the photonics industry community. The sessions will be recorded. 

Industry Day Organizers: 
Dalma Novak
Simon Poole
Maura Raburn
Eric Swanson

Day 1
01 Oct 2018

Perils, Pitfalls and Pleasures: Turning Research into a Real Product

The aim of research is usually to demonstrate something that no-one has been able to do before, after which you publish the results and move on to the next great...
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Simon Poole

Realities of Photonics: From Design to Fabrication to Packaging

World-class experts on photonic device design, fabrication, and packaging will share the advantages and challenges of pursuing their craft in industry.  Get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes efforts that go...
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John Osenbach
Yanfeng Lao
Christopher Doerr

The Global Startup Scene

This session brings together accomplished founders and investors from the world-wide photonic startup community. Come and listen to the speakers’ unique perspectives as they describe the startup ecosystems in their...
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Frank Levinson
Jose Pozo
Milan Mashanovitch

Tech Titans: Words of Wisdom, War Stories, and Crystal Balls

IPC has assembled some of our optics/photonics industry titans to impart career lessons and pivotal experiences, from founding startups through to growing large companies. This is a rare opportunity to...
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Dave Welch
Frederick J. Leonberger