Workshop on Photonics in Africa

Workshop on Photonics in Africa: Science, Applications, and Impact

African Photonics is emerging fast, illustrated at this focused workshop by a series of invited presentations by eminent African scientists from across the continent. The talks will summarize recent rapid technical advances on topics related to photonics science and technologies, and the potential applications of these technologies to enable Africa’s sustainable development. Furthermore, the talks will explore the dynamics of partnership between domestic and international academia and industry, and how photonics innovations can be efficiently commercialized through collaborative research, startup development and industrial joint ventures. Finally, the talks will discuss actions required to promote photonics research across Africa, by increasing engagement of women and youth in the field, by leveraging the skills and networks of the diaspora and via the establishment of excellence centers such as fabrication facilities to serve research institutions and seed and support startup growth in the continent.


Salah Obayya, PhD, DSc
Professor & Director of Center for Photonics and Smart Materials (CPSM)
Zewail City of Science & Technology, Giza, Egypt

Solomon Assefa, Ph.D.
VP, IBM Research – Climate & Impact Science
Yorktown Heights, NY USA