Special Symposia

Special Symposium on A Technology Roadmap for High Power Diode Laser Pumps for Large Laser Facilities: From Secondary Source Generation to Fusion

Ultra-high-energy laser systems (petawatt to exawatt) are the next key emerging technology and are moving rapidly from research into industry.  These facilities use techniques in secondary source generation to enable applications in imaging, spectroscopy and basic science that are impossible with any other technology, and they provide a credible pathway toward the ultimate high energy application, power generation by fusion. This symposium will focus on the state of the art and expected requirements on diode lasers for large laser facilities designed for fundamental research and inertial fusion energy (IFE) applications, laying out key elements in the anticipated development roadmap needed to ensure realistic application of high energy facilities. The target audiences will be researchers in high-efficiency and high-power diode lasers, manufacturers of high-power diode lasers and laser arrays, and designers and users of these socially critical large laser facilities.

Special Symposium on AI/ML Integrated Optoelectronics – IPC JSTQE Featured Symposium

AI-powered systems show impressive performance and robustness compared with traditional methods. On the other hand, Optoelectronic technologies become critical to modern life, including telecommunications, photonics, imaging systems, and optical sensing. Therefore, the synergy of AI technology and optoelectronics has been attracting a great deal of attention in recent years. AI and ML techniques have swiftly become indispensable tools within optoelectronic domain, offering solutions to complex problems and unlocking capabilities previously deemed unattainable. In fields such as optical networking and data transmission, these technologies enable dynamic routing, resource allocation, and fault detection, thereby optimizing network performance and ensuring robustness in the face of uncertainties. Furthermore, AI-driven approaches have revolutionized optical sensing and imaging applications, enabling high-resolution imaging, spectroscopic analysis, and real-time monitoring across diverse domains, including healthcare, environmental monitoring, and industrial inspection. Through the fusion of AI with advanced optical techniques such as spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging, researchers can extract valuable insights from complex datasets and unlock new frontiers in scientific exploration and technological innovation.

This symposium will feature the synergies between AI/ML and optoelectronics, foster fresh avenues for innovation, exploration, and societal progress, shaping the forthcoming trajectory of optoelectronics.

 Special Symposium on Heterogeneous Integration of UV to Visible Photonics for Emerging Applications

Heterogeneous photonic integration has left an indelible mark on various technologies crucial to modern society. With advancements pushing the boundaries from Infrared (NIR) to shorter wavelengths, particularly into the visible and ultraviolet spectral regions, an array of new opportunities is emerging in integrated photonics. From enabling breakthroughs in communications to revolutionizing beam steering, nonlinear optics, sensing and quantum photonics applications, this expansion promises transformative impacts across multiple domains. The special symposium serves as a dynamic platform uniting scientists, engineers, researchers, scholars, and students in semiconductor lasers and integrated photonics. Together, we aim to explore recent advances, share insights, and uncover the abundant opportunities within this rapidly evolving field.